SPEED MEETING in French, Spanish & English

Practise a Second Language in Real-life Situations

:small_orange_diamond: Are you learning FRENCH, SPANISH or ENGLISH? Join us for a 2-hour speed meeting session during which you meet some cool folks and pick up the language naturally!

Learning a language is a challenge and I want to help you during the process. This activity is perfect to prove that you are able to have a casual conversation and boost your motivation.
As you have a nice experience, chat with new people, you memorise new vocabulary and idioms faster and on the long-term.
Learning a language has never been so fun and easy!

:small_blue_diamond: Are you NATIVE in French, Spanish or English? Join us as well for meeting new people and having a blast in your own language.
London is a big city, this activity facilitates friendships !

BOOKING IN ADVANCE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boost-your-french-spanish-or-english-during-a-speed-meeting-tickets-77804069065
Please let us know the language you want to speak when you book your ticket (English, Spanish or French). It’ll help us to manage the groups. :wink:

:tada: HAPPY HOUR on drinks :tada: