Science City, London 1550-1800 at the Science Museum (C1/C2)

Come and be transported by the scientific minds and discoveries that shaped the City of London. Even the least scientific-minded participants will be astonished by the sheer beauty of the exhibits and the amazing stories this gallery has in store for us!

Wednesday 9th March 2022 at 10:15am (meet) – 10:30am (start)

Meeting Point: Inside the Science Museum (Exhibition Road entrance), just after the gates, near the Information Centre.

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Changing perspectives and viewpoints, looking into a microscope or a telescope, mapping the world and the heavens on a round-shaped globe, walking up the Monument or stepping into a hot-air balloon… In a nutshell, discovering the city from new angles. This is what our LearnArtory guide Muriel Carré is inviting us to do during this tour of “Science City 1550 – 1800” at the Science Museum. Between the reign of the Tudors and the Age of Enlightenment, London underwent a radical change.

The capital of the kingdom, the major centre of government and monarchy, a huge port and commercial hub, London still had no university, but the greatest scientific minds met there and revolutionised science!

Come and meet the main protagonists of this major and profound movement: scientists, inventors, “natural philosophers”, skilled craftsmen, monarchs and noblemen who all shared an insatiable thirst for knowledge and discovery.

Due to Covid 19, we advise you to:

– Wear a mask for the duration of the walk.

– Respect social distancing.

– Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitiser.

– If you have symptoms, are self-isolating or if anyone you live with has symptoms, please inform us and do not attend.

Advice to participants:

– Wear ultra-comfortable shoes.

– Check weather forecasts and make sure you have warm and waterproof clothes if necessary. Being cold on a walking tour can spoil the entire experience.

– Do not hesitate to bring a little snack with you (nuts or biscuits) and a flask of your favourite drink.

What you will improve in :

  • Language: Perfect your vocabulary.
  • Culture: Scientific Quizz.