Restaurant manager

Funky Cellar is located at Spitafield market. The restaurant has recently been renovated and the atmosphere is young, grooving, and fuuuuunky!
If you are looking for a new challenge, look no further Funky Cellar is the place for you. You have knowledge of French and French product (other than “La Baguette” …) you love your cheeses, wine and beers and vintage goods. You have a dynamic personality; workload doesn’t scare you and organisation simply has no secrets for you. You are reliable and detail oriented, you learn fast and have excellent common sense. You already have some experience running a restaurant in the (fast) food industry.
Funky cellar is composed of a shop and a restaurant (indoor and covered outdoor), you will supervise the restaurant and work hand in hand with the supervisor of the shop. Good team spirit is essential for a smooth run of the business. You know how to make yourself respected and respect the work of others next, above and below you always keeping everyone working at Funky motivated and happy at work.
This is a Full-Time position from Wednesday to Sunday, 45hours per week at £ 12 per hour.

● Customer service
o Ensure customers are happy, and welcomed when they arrive.
o Ensure Efficient service, listen to customer comments and deal with any complaints.
o Increase the company’s turnover.
o Increase clients reach by organising promotional events, private parties and tastings.

● Manage stocks
o Supervise inventories.
o Manage orders of supplies and products.
o Supervise receipt of goods, be in contact with suppliers.
o Supervise storage of products.
o Monitor wastage of goods and ensure good product rotation to minimise waste.

● Manage staff
o Manage planning of staff.
o Manage holidays.
o Manage staff attendance.
o Supervise and control staff work.
o Supervise training or train new staff.
o Select and onboard new staff.
o Making sure all staff knows and follows health and safety issue as well as following all security instructions.
o Motivating and disciplining staff as needed.

● Administrative functions
o Making sure all documents are up to date.
o Making sure suppliers’ invoices are in accordance with orders passed and claim credit notes or changes if need be.
o Making sure no phone payments are made, they are strictly forbidden to all staff.
o Making sure all staff files are up to date.
o Create and/or implement new procedures as needed in the shop.

● Restaurant operation and management
o Manage all maintenance and sanitation required in the shop, attend any appointments for any refurbishment, repairs, updates or work that needs to be done.
o Manage and supervise cleaning daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as health and safety rules.

Overall, the supervisor needs to be able to handle multitasks, perform his duties effectively, and create a dynamic positive work environment. The supervisor needs to show strong leadership skills as well as a respectful mindset towards all employees to inspire respect in return.

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