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Bonjour. Je recherche une fille au pair pour mon enfant de 8 ans. KT2 7AY.
We are a loving, fun, active and health-conscious family seeking an au pair for school terms. The idea candidate is reliable, responsible, respectful yet fun and active. We require school pick ups usually from 3:15pm and after school care until 6:30pm on weeknights and occasional babysitting (about 4 times a month) in the evening. Your free time is any time outside of these hours. The ideal au pair can organize activities and enjoys to play, helps tidying up after an activity or meal, does some light shopping and ingredient preparation. We offer a light filled room in our home close to a train directly to London, large shopping and entertainment centre, green parks, a large hospital and university. We are happy for the au pair to join us for local trips and activities or if the au pair prefers, to provide space for them to be independent.
We live in South West London, one of the greenest areas of the London. The train station is only 1 minute away and provides direct access to Waterloo in under 25 minutes. One of the largest shopping malls in the area is 15 minutes away, walking distance. Richmond park, within 15 minutes of walking, is a lush park with cycling and walking trails.
Typically on a school afternoon we have a snack, spend some time outdoors playing football or attending a scheduled after school club. In the evenings we will eat dinner and prepare for the next day and play a fun board game if time allows.
The au pair should be prepared to pick up my son from school at 3:15pm or 4:30pm from school, depending on the day and bring them home for a snack and to allow him to change out of his school uniform. He may have another scheduled activity which you will take him to or you will organize a fun activity until my return at 6:30pm. I may need assistance with preparing dinner such as chopping vegetables or setting the table. Working hours would be from 3-7pm. Some babysitting would be requested during the week or weekend. I will advise well in advance and certainly respect your own activities and personal time.

Bonjour @Arnaud_Darai ,
Je suis intéressée par votre annonce, je suis disponible et déjà sur Londres.
J’aurais aimée savoir qu’elle sont vos attentes sur une semaine « types »? Et savoir ou vous êtes situé? Merci.

Bonjour. Merci d entrer en contact avec sa mere qui est sur place svp pour voir directement avec elle.

Un mail? Un numero de telephone ?

Oui je vous ai envoyė son email.

L avez vous bien recu cette fois ?

Parfait ! Mail envoyé.

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Bonjour @Arnaud_Darai ,

Je suis intéressée pourriez-vous svp me donner un contact je vous remercie.


Bonjour. Merci de contacter la mere de mon enfant en anglais si possible.