Recherche famille in London (french au pair)

(family research for the period June-August 2021)
Dear parents,

My name is Leilou Cuestas, I’ll be 19 in January 2021, I’m a first year student in economics and management at the University Toulouse Capitole.
I also have a bachelor’s degree in social economics with a distinction.
I love children and they generally like me just as much.
I’m used to looking after children because I have two younger brothers and I’ve already worked as a nanny for a family for over a year.
I am a trustworthy and very caring person, your children will be safe with me, even if I don’t have a degree in this field.
I have a mother’s touch, but I also have a child’s part in me that allows me to invent games and creative activities that children love.
I don’t have a very good level of English but I learn quickly and I can make myself understood.
By my side your children will come out of these 3 months with a good vocabulary in French and great memories I hope.
I’m not what you might call the ideal candidate but I know I can be a better feeder than those whose profession it is because I’m not just looking for a simple job but for a great experience of cultural and language exchange.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.