Nature and Decorum of the English Garden

In the 18th century, taste and culture lead to the emergence of the English garden as a distinct national (pre)occupation: why and how?

Let’s depart from the straight water pools and linear alleys of the French and Dutch-inspired gardens to walk through the meandering flower borders and tree lanes of England’s most important 18th century landscapes. From master architects to master landscape-gardeners, we will attempt to understand the intention and taste these leaders infused into their new creations to compose some the most visionary landscapes of their time.

We will see how a careful balance of landscaping, horticulture and architecture enhanced nature in order to transform some of the great ancestral gardens into sophisticated pictorial compositions: Rousham, Stowe and Castle Howard, just to name a few examples, should really inspired you to prepare your own summer explorations of England’s most beautiful and important landscape gardens!

What you will improve in :

  • Language : the vocabulary of the English garden, from the ingenious ha-has to the poetics of classical temples and overarching bridges; all the words you will need to say what you see.
  • Culture : to understand the elements relevant to the creation of the ‘English Garden” in order to augment our appreciation and pleasure in visiting these great gardens today.

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