London LGBTQ French Language Social Group

We are a friendly and inclusive LGBTQ group of native and non-native French speakers who love a laugh, speaking French and discover interesting things about France and la Francophonie. We are a social so our objective is to socialise. We welcome any coulour, age, size, shape, nationality, religion provided you are LGBTQ+, you have a good level of French and you showered :wink:

We meet on the 1st Friday (6 pm) and on the 3rd Saturday (4 pm) of each month in central London for 3 hours.

The only language spoken in the group is French, therefore you will experience a full immersion. We don’t teach French, we speak it and allow you to practice / improve it. Therefore, this group is Not suitable for beginners.

Because it is not always easy to find something to say with strangers or when one is a bit shy, I facilitate each event by proposing activities, games and topics for conversation. I can assure the 3 hours will pass very fast and not only you will have a good laugh and learn interesting and / or fun things but also meet interesting and friendly people who share the same passion.

We like to talk about la pluie et le beau temps, LGBTQ+ subjects, music, cinema, etc You can look at our past events to get an idea. We also organise Non-standard events like dinners, cinema events, concerts, picnics etc.
To find more info and join us or contact us by direct message.

Hello @Ant , where do you meet usually?

We meet somewhere in Central London. All the details on what we do, who we are, the pics of our events are on the Meetup site
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