London French Language Social Group

I’d like to invite you to a friendly and inclusive group of people who love speaking French and discover interesting things about la Francophonie.
We meet usually on the 3rd Fri of each month in a central London location. We are gay friendly, age friendly, colour friendly, religion friendly etc We are open minded and expect you to be the same.
We have a good mix of native and non-native French speakers who enjoy sharing their passion for the French language and francophone cultures. The only language spoken in the group is French, therefore you will experience a full immersion. We don’t teach French, we speak it and allow you to practice / improve it. Therefore this group is Not suitable for beginners.
Each standard event lasts 3 hours and has a theme that takes around 40min. This theme can be discussed via a quiz, an article etc. These activities are done in pair and are a good way to improve your vocabulary and learn interesting things whether you are native or not. These activities are also interesting for native speakers as we treat topics taken from magazines which can appeal to anyone.
In the remaining 2 hour 20, there will be a chance to talk with the other members of the group about anything you like and to have group discussions facilitated by the organiser. In the last part of the event, we will be playing some interesting games to get to know each other better and have a laugh.
To find more info and join us, go to MeetUp a the following address: London French Language Social Group (Londres, Royaume-Uni) | Meetup

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