How to Maximize Communication, Intimacy & Confidence in Menopause: FREE LIVE 3-Part Workshop Series


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Is menopause causing challenges in your relationships at home?

You’re not alone. Many women experience a shift in communication, intimacy, and confidence during this life transition

You might worry about feeling:

  • Disconnected from your partner or loved ones.
  • Frustrated by misunderstandings or feeling unheard.
  • Unsure how to express your needs and maintain emotional closeness.

These are all common experiences during menopause, but they don’t have to define your journey.

This FREE online workshop series is designed to empower YOU to navigate menopause and its impact on your relationships with confidence and self-love.

Join us for 3 LIVE sessions (75 minutes each) led by @Amelie Prot (wellness menopause specialist) and @Audrey Zeitoun (Relationship coach). In each session, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies you need to:

  • Strengthen communication: Learn to express your needs and build understanding with your partner and family.
  • Redefine intimacy: Discover new ways to connect and experience intimacy during menopause.
  • Reclaim your confidence: Feel empowered and embrace this exciting new phase of life.

Proactively navigate menopause and cultivate even stronger connections with those you cherish most!**

Pick the session that interests you most, or join all three!

Workshop Schedule (all sessions are Fridays at 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM GMT):

  • Workshop 1: Communication Strategies for a Smooth Transition (April 26th): Master the art of « I » statements, active listening, and open communication to foster understanding with loved ones.

  • Workshop 2: Redefining Intimacy During Menopause (May 3rd): Explore alternative ways to connect emotionally and build stronger bonds with your partner or family.

  • Workshop 3: Maintaining Connection & Open Communication (May 17th): Discover techniques for managing conflict, fostering empathy, and keeping the lines of communication open within your relationships.

Don’t wait! Register today and take charge of youbr menopause well-being!