From Slave Trade to Abolition – Part 2

All new at LearnArtory: a two-part lecture cycle!

With ‘From Slave Trade to Abolition’, LearnArtory invites you to discover the troubled past resurfacing in present days. It is a universal theme all can learn from: students, teachers, individuals, young people, older people, men and women…

Second part of our lecture on this topic, inviting you to discover more about the abolitionist movement and its mission here in London.

This second lecture follows the one given on May 12th since there is much to uncover about the transatlantic slave trade and abolition in the United Kingdom. LearnArtory invites you to continue deepening your understanding of the abolitionist movement in London with this sequel to our ‘From Slave Trade to Abolition’ lecture.

What you will improve in :

  • Language: Reorganise a sequence of events.
  • Culture: Mini biographies.

Tickets are available here: