From Slave Trade to Abolition – Part 1

All new at LearnArtory: a two-part lecture cycle!

With ‘From Slave Trade to Abolition’, LearnArtory invites you to discover the troubled past resurfacing in present days. It is a universal theme all can learn from: students, teachers, individuals, young people, older people, men and women…

Several statues that glorify those who have profited from the slave trade have recently been removed from public view.

In this context, LearnArtory invites you to discover the places and people who took part in the transatlantic slave trade, to understand the economic interests at stake and to follow the abolitionist movement in its mission to eradicate an iniquitous institution.

This lecture is in 2 parts: this will be the first part, to be continued on the 20th May.

What you will improve in :

  • Language: From oral to written comprehension.
  • Culture: Mini biographies.

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