Cours de français dispensés par une native


Are you looking for French lessons taught by a native French speaker-tutor? If so, I would be delighted to teach you French lessons!

In light of my experience as a private French tutor and my academic and professional background both in Law, I can teach all levels from complete beginners to highly proficient users with regard to general French and/or legal and/or business French.

My lessons can be internationally oriented should that be of interest to you.

Moreover, the lessons are individually tailored in light of your specific requirements and goals.

I already teach private French lessons as a private French tutor to several individuals through a London-based language school (evidence available upon request).

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

Bien à vous,


Bonjour @Vic ,
Un de mes clients souhaiterai prendre des cours de français car il vient d’acheter une propriété en France.
Si cela vous intéresse est ce que vous auriez une adresse mail à lui donner que je peux lui transmettre?

Bonjour @Romy_Van_Der_Woods,

Je vous remercie pour votre message dont j’ai pris bonne note.

Je suis intéressée par cette offre. Pourriez-vous dès lors je vous prie me transmettre davantage d’informations concernant cette demande de cours de français ?

Vous pouvez transmettre cette adresse email :

Bien cordialement,


Bonjour @Vic, merci de m’avoir transmis votre adresse mail.
La personne est un client de mon restaurant c’est un homme d’une soixante d’années qui vient d’investir dans un château en Loire. Il aimerait y passer du temps et faire des travaux donc il souhaiterai être capable de communiquer un minimum en français. Je lui transmet votre mail il pourra ainsi vous en dire plus.
Bonne journée,

Hi @Vic ,

I am interested in your French lessons. Particularly as I plan to move to Paris this year and business French will be necessary for my work.

I am currently B1.

I would like to have a class 1/2 a week from 18.30.

Are you available for this and can you please let me know your hourly price?

Many thanks,

Dear Laura,

Many thanks for your email and the information you provided me with. Many thanks too for your interest in the French lessons that I teach.

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to teach you French lessons and help reach your goal(s). I find your project interesting and challenging!

You can be assured that I would do my best to teach you French in the most appropriate and interesting way in light of your requirements and expectations. I would help you progress in your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and confidence. Business French will be at the heart of the lessons.

I would equally be delighted to help with job applications, interviews and Business French topics such as giving presentations and speaking on the phone, should that be of interest to you.

Working on your CV and/or covering letters could also be an aspect of the lessons, should that be of interest to you too.

I will also give you, on an ongoing basis, corrections and feedback on your grammar and all the other areas we will work on.

When would you be available to start the lessons?

The hourly price is £30.

All materials are included. However it might be relevant and helpful for you to buy a grammar book which would match your current level, i.e . B1, and would get you to a higher level. I would be happy to discuss this with you. Maybe you already have some French grammar books? Same with general French vocabulary and/or business French vocabulary?

Many thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you.



Thank you @Vic for your response.

You have touched on everything that would be of interest to me.

My budget for a class is £20 and so I wondered if this was a possibility? I would be take two classes a week minimum with inmediate start.

Where are you located? I am in Maida Vale

Thank you,

You are very welcome, @Laura_Hearson Thank you for your message.

I am glad to hear that I have touched on everything that would be of interest to you.

I can offer £25 per hour.

Two classes a week minimum with inmediate start works for me.

I am located in the South West area: Earls Court.

Would you like to attend one-hour lessons or one-hour and a half ones?

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dear @Laura_Hearson

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to you to ask if you got my last email. If so, would you still be interested in attending French classes with me?

Thank you.