Au pair for summer July and August 2020

Hello,(application for summer July and August 2020)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Juliette Laprune, I am 19 years old and I am a sophomore at university in a program called Education Sciences.

I live in France (in the north, in Normandy)

My dream would be to become a school teacher, because I love children, I want to be a driving force in their education, and I want to move them forward.

In this project, I therefore passed the first two stages of the Animator Training Aptitude Certificate, with which I carried out the work of animator in a leisure centre during this year’s school holidays.

This experience with the children allowed me to discover an increasing passion to make them laugh, to amuse them, to teach them important things while conducting interesting activities…

Regarding my application, I want to improve my English so that I can teach it to my students later. Because I love children, I think learning the language by taking care of children and doing housework maybe a very good experience for me.

I’m a very curious person, very interested in a lot of things, with ambition. In addition, I am sociable and I want to learn, socialize…

in terms of animals, I in love!

Having a cat and a dog, I’m very happy to be able to look after animals when I have the opportunity.

For this reason, I propose you to become, subsequently, the au pair of your family. I am available all the month of July as well as all the month of August.

I wish you a good day, and see you very soon!


Bonjour @juliettelaprune,

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