Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics is often associated with children, but in reality treatment can be started at any age. Almost 60% of my patients are adults. The right orthodontic treatment can literally transform your smile, enhancing your confidence and your appearance.

Todays treatments are a world away from when we were younger. For example, you can now choose to have ‘invisible’ braces, made of a soft, clear, comfortable material that gently pushes your teeth into the correct position. They are removable too, so you can take your braces out to eat and to clean your teeth.

‘Invisible’ braces are just one of the orthodontic treatments I can offer you and rest assured you will be able to choose the option that feels right for you. Gone are the days when you had to live with your teeth and settle for second best, now orthodontic problems can be corrected very simply and quickly, often in just a few months. Hollywood celebrities often use orthodontic treatments to enhance their smiles so you’re in excellent company.

Do not wait any longer, book a consultation with me and find out which treatment will suit you the best to achieve the smile you always dreamed about !