Walk through the Secret Gardens of the City

Book LearnArtory’s very first outdoor event: a historic and sensory walk round the secret gardens of the City of London right here: https://www.learnartory.com/en/walk-through-the-secret-gardens-of-the-city-c1/.

Meeting Point: Outside Tower Hill Tube Station, near Tower Hill Tram coffee stand (in front of the Citizen M hotel).

On a glorious morning of May let’s embark on a historic and sensory walk through the streets of the Square Mile, London’s financial district with LearnArtory!

Forget about stocks and shares: the moment you start wandering round the little alleyways of the City of London you are struck by the contrast between the visible and what lies beneath, the old and the new, the hard surfaces of steel, glass and stone and the delicate and fragrant petals of roses and irises.

Each garden of the City is a little haven of peace tucked between skyscrapers and historic buildings to be enjoyed rain or shine with our guide!

Due to Covid 19 new regulations, it is compulsory to:

– Wear a mask for the duration of the walk.

– Download the free VOXCONNECT App on your smartphone BEFORE the tour.

– Your smartphone must be equipped with 4G.

– Your smartphone must be fully charged, or you can bring a portable charger if necessary.

– You must have earphones.

Advice to participants:

Wear ultra-comfortable shoes.

Make sure you have warm and waterproof clothes. Being cold on a walking tour can spoil the entire experience.

Do not hesitate to bring a little snack with you (nuts or biscuits) and a flask of your favourite drink.

What you will improve in :

  • Language : Build up your reading skills.
  • Culture: Mix and match.