Parlez français et jouez avec Lina!

Bonjour les amis ! Pour ceux qui veulent parler français la bouche pleine !!

Français & Dégustation

All levels


So French café, 21 Seymour pl, W1H 5BH

:point_right:t3: Speak French, play games and participate actively in activities to speak French!

:point_right:t3: Get your French to the next level and build your self-confidence when speaking

:point_right:t3: Discover and eat high quality traditional French cuisine!

:point_right:t3: Discover So French café, a Frenchy trendy café in Marylebone

:point_right:t3: Ask all the questions you need about French language

:point_right:t3: Socialize

:point_right:t3: Challenge yourself… and challenge others :slight_smile:

Bookez nombreux !!

Fee : £26

Duration : 2h

A bientôt !!