Gestes de Premier secours - Classe 3h

Cours de 3h pour apprendre les gestes de premier secours.
Cours en anglais par First Aid for Life.

First Aid for Life, award-winning training classes is hosting a first aid session at Make Me Feel, at 10am till 1pm on Sunday 7th October.

Who should attend?
• Parents & Grandparents
• Children & Teenagers
• Nannies & Au Pairs who do not need to be Ofsted registered
• Teachers & school staff
• Staff from Charities & Local Authorities
• Staff working with Children & in Youth organisations
• Home Carers, Care Homes & Foster Carers
• Sports Clubs & Organisations requiring Basic First Aid
• Sports professionals needing a basic First Aid qualification
• Heath professionals

What will you learn?
Every course is tailored to the needs of those attending – please let us know if there are particular areas you need us to cover.

By the end of the course you will have learnt:
• Assess and treat an unconscious casualty
• How to put an adult, baby or child into the Recovery Position
• How to perform CPR on an adult, child and baby
• How to help someone suffering a Heart Attack
• How and when to use a defibrillator (AED)
• How to help someone choking, drowning, or suffering a head injury
• How to treat someone bleeding or suffering from burns
• How to recognise and treat seizures and febrile convulsions
• Recognise the signs and symptoms of septicaemia and meningitis
• Understand the priorities in an emergency and when to call an ambulance

• Action planning in an emergency
• Treatment of an unconscious breathing casualty (Recovery Position)
• Resuscitation in adults, babies and children (CPR)
• Choking & Drowning
• What to put into your First aid kit
• Bleeding – minor and major
• Burns
• Head injuries – concussion & compression
• Seizures & Febrile convulsions
• Meningitis

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