French Lessons by a Native French Speaker-Tutor (in-person and/or remote lessons)


Are you looking for French lessons to be taught by a native French speaker-tutor? If so, I will be delighted to teach you French lessons (in-person and/or remote lessons).

In light of my professional experience as a private French tutor (evidence available upon request) and my academic and professional background both in Law (currently studying to become a solicitor, Ph.D. in Law in progress, former legal advisor and legal intern at an international company, and former legal intern at an international law firm and high-street law firms), I can teach all levels from complete beginners to highly proficient users with regard to general French and/or legal French and/or business French.

My lessons can be internationally oriented, should that be of interest to you.

Moreover, the lessons will be individually tailored in light of your specific requirements, goals, and expectations.

Furthermore, I will be delighted to help you go through and proof-read/edit any academic material (coursework essay, dissertation, Ph.D./doctoral thesis, research paper,…) and/or professional material (CV/resume, cover letter,…) from general and/or legal and/or business English into general and/or legal and/or business French.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and it will be a great pleasure to answer any questions you have.

I look forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Bien à vous,


Bonjour @Vic ,
Nous recherchons une personne pour donner des cours de Français, en suivant la méthode du cours Griffon, agréée par l’ Education National Français, à nos 2 enfants ( niveaux CE2 et CM1)
Chaque leçon dure 1h30 mn et chaque enfant doit faire 3 heures de français par semaine . Nous parlons de 6 heures par semaine, 2 après midi ( entre 15h30 et 19h30) par semaine.
Nous sommes flexibles aussi selon les contraintes de cette personne.